How did I get here?

We all deserve a chance to be honoured and to celebrate - and a choice in how that is done. It’s my joy to help make that happen for you.


My background is in Scottish cultural heritage and oral history interviewing, community and voluntary work, adult education. In each job, I’ve been able to bring folk together in gatherings that made memories. That means I can provide additional ingredients such as tailormade or traditional Scottish and Celtic rituals, storytelling, poetry readings, even ceilidh calling, pantomime directing (ok, that might not be what you had in mind, but you never know!). After all, Carol means a song of joy or a dance in a circle.

After being asked to lead or contribute to a series of life stage events for friends, and after attending a particularly disappointing funeral, I did some research on training. I chose the internationally-respected Fellowship of Professional Celebrants. Their emphasis on client choice (with no agenda), diversity, non-judgmental inclusion and strong ethical guidelines matched my own blend of values. It’s been enthralling and enlightening and allows me to draw on my entire personal and professional background (plus a pretty good lifetime collection of poetry and quotation).

I'm ready to work with you on any celebration, ritual or tribute you have in mind - to give it the depth, substance and meaning you're looking for. I'll also offer some thoughts and resources on this site that might help, whatever you decide. Let’s talk it over soon.

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