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Weddings, Handfastings and other Ceremonies of Partnership

Are you ready to make a  public declaration of your love and commitment to one another - perhaps in a beautiful Scottish setting? Let's craft exactly what you want it to be. 

When we meet, I'll take the time to understand your exact needs. We can fulfill your vision of an unforgettable ceremony, reflecting your beliefs and individuality.

Living Funerals

In some situations of terminal illness, increasingly there is a desire and a need to celebrate that person's life as soon as possible, to pay tribute while they are still there to hear what's said. How often have we attended a funeral where glowing tributes are paid, heartfelt words conveyed  about what that the person has meant to us all - and afterwards we've said, "If only s/he could have heard that while s/he was alive!"  Think about 'flowers for the living'. I meet many people who wish they had known it was possible to organise such an event.

More and more often, Living Funerals are a way that friends and family want to honour the person they are soon to lose. It's no longer considered a bizarre idea - see Grayson Perry's Rites of Passage (Channel 4), in which he helped create such a cere

mony for a man with Motor Neurone Disease.

Together, we can sensitively discuss what might be appropriate, assuming we would have the person's full approval, of course -  from venue to tributes, readings and music to 'memory rituals' reflecting their life and beliefs. 


At a distressing time like this, you need someone you can trust, who will listen to you carefully and take responsibility for gathering all the ingredients that best honour the person you've lost. I'll meet you to talk over just what needs to be included, from the eulogy and tributes from other speakers,  to readings and music - in coordination with your chosen Funeral Director and others you direct me to -  then send you the wording to make sure you are content with what will be said on the day and are satisfied we're paying the best possible tribute.

Baby Namings

This is one of the most emotional moments you'll ever celebrate. Whatever the circumstances, Celebrant Carols Ceremonies is here to make your baby naming ceremony extra special. Contact me today and see what I can do to make your event wonderful, personal, memorable and ultimately less stressful for you. Whether you prefer a completely non-religious event, or a blend with spiritual elements that represent your personal values and cultural heritage, I'll work with you to choose wording, readings and music and symbolic rituals that are exactly what you'd

wish for your child's special day



Without leaps of imagination, or dreaming, we lose the excitement of possibilities. Dreaming, after all, is a form of planning.

Gloria Steinem


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